The year was 1963 in the City of Yonkers, New York, when Peter Grotto, a visionary man with a lot of ambition, desire, and a big spirit decided to start a company of his own; a company in which its principals would be based on responsibility, professionalism, and respect for its customers, a philosophy which has been maintained to this day. This was the fundamental pillar that permitted Peter Grotto Plumbing and Heating Inc to achieve an elevated status within the community of Westchester County.


In 1971 the company gained a new participant, Peter Grotto Jr., who demonstrated his interest in the family business. Everyday after school, he would come home to assist his father, and step by step he was gaining more knowledge toward becoming a plumber. At 17 years old, Peter Jr. graduated from Sacred Heart High School and was awarded the position of Vice President in the company, as he began his seven day a week career. And even today, as President, and a Master Plumber, you will find Peter Grotto Jr. working full time to maintain the principals that were instilled by his father, Peter Grotto. Of course the business has changed and grown over the years, with Peter Jr.?s own visions of which path to select for the company, taking into account the constant innovations in technology, the growing and changing desires of the consumers, the needs of the changing population, and the general economy.


All the while hiring more qualified, ambitious, passionate employees who want to represent the family of Peter Grotto Plumbing & Heating Inc and make a difference and improvement in the lives of the people in the community in which we all belong. As a new era ensconces us, the principal objective still remains the same, to hold and maintain the prestige that Peter Grotto Plumbing & Heating Inc. ascertained with much sacrifice and perseverance for over 43 years.